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The Borderlands

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Blog |

The Borderlands.  It is where we started and where we still are today. The Borderlands are the geographic, economic, cultural, and ideological spaces where individuals meet and something new is forged. These encounters were not and are not always kind, civil, or even mutually beneficial. Willingness to enter the Borderlands means leaving something behind and facing something new and unknown. And, it demands becoming something other than what we were and where we have been. It changes us.

At its founding, Fort Worth—The Fort—introduced a government and laws to what was then known as the western frontier. The Fort created a new space in the existing Borderlands already occupied by others.  Some of whom had lived here for many centuries before the Fort arrived. More forts were built pushing our country’s western frontier into the furthest reaches of West Texas. There too, new spaces emerged in those existing Borderlands that had been occupied for centuries before by others like my ancestors and where my family members still live today. These Borderlands between the Fort—“Where the West Begins”—and far west Texas, where I was born and raised, are where I live and work. It is here that I practice law.

In a federal courtroom of the Northern District of Texas, sitting above the bench is a golden eagle. It is a symbol that reminds all who enter of our nation’s sovereignty and its laws. Above it etched in stone is an inscription that reads in part, “Reason is the life of the Law….” The founders of our nation conceived our system of government and laws based on the Lockean notion that through Reason, a government should be established, with the consent of the governed, that by its laws secured individual rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of our happiness, whatever that might be. And, it was a promise that was made by those that arrived with the Fort and entered into these Borderlands and brought with them this government and its laws.

I have practiced law for over thirty years and have witnessed and experienced thousands of daily encounters between individuals and the law in these Borderlands. These encounters are where the promise is truly tested that a government founded upon Reason and law can secure rights and happiness.  Years of practicing law have given me a deep understanding of the law and the kind of experience that cannot be gained by reading textbooks or studying law articles but is achieved only by representing hundreds of individuals living in these Borderlands.

Here I will write about my law practice and those individuals encountering the law here. I hope that what I write may be of value to you and helpful in your encounters.  As I said before, these encounters are not always kind, civil, or even mutually beneficial, but I believe they are always meaningful even when they appear that they are not.

If you do not find the answer to what you are looking for in these articles, please give me a call.  If I cannot provide you with the answers, I will do my best to find you someone who can.