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Business And Commercial Law Representation

Starting, owning and operating a business can be complicated and often needs the attention of a professional who can guide you through issues as they arise. At the office of Luis A. Galindo, you can trust that your case will be handled with the skill and insight you need.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

Based in Fort Worth and handling business law issues throughout West Texas, Luis A. Galindo is a trusted, knowledgeable lawyer who represents all sizes of businesses. From small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Galindo is dedicated to providing the representation that his clients’ businesses require to ensure their future successes.

With more than 30 years of legal experience with these issues and having handled hundreds of business law cases, in addition to running his own law firm, Mr. Galindo has a personal and unique perspective when helping his business clients address all their issues.

The Benefits Of Having A Business Law Lawyer

Whether you enlist an attorney on a one-time basis or as your ongoing outside in-house counsel, there are many benefits to having a business law attorney handle your commercial-related issues. Mr. Galindo knows the laws and can help you understand how to ensure that your business can retain potential and revenue through:

  • Business startups
  • Business formation and reorganization
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Contract disputes and litigation
  • Business litigation and disputes

One type of business Mr. Galindo often represents is financial institutions such as banks and lenders making commercial loans for construction projects. Disputes and other legal issues in this area can be complex and need the attention of a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of how to resolve the cases. Mr. Galindo works to settle disputes involving banks and lenders in construction projects so that the institutions are protected, their risks mitigated and they still can benefit from the construction project moving forward.

Get The Legal Counsel Your Business Needs

Attorney Galindo understands the importance of resolving business issues as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Being fluent in Spanish and representing individuals and businesses from both the U.S. and across international borders for many years, Mr. Galindo has decades of experience representing clients in these Borderlands. The Borderlands are a dynamic, growing and evolving space so whatever issues arise, having a bilingual and bicultural, highly knowledgeable board-certified lawyer will help to ensure your success.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the office of Luis A. Galindo, Attorney at Law, or contact him online.